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United States
Hey there~ :heart:

:rose: Traditional Artist
:rose: Female
:rose: 14
:rose: Competitive Soccer Player
:rose: Writer
:rose: Competitive Mountain Bike Racer
:rose: Drummer
:rose: Downhill Skier
:rose: Ultramodern Obsessed
:rose: Invader Zim For The Win
:rose: Osmosis Jones
:rose: Bookworm
:rose: Victorian Era Princess
:rose: Wannabe Fashion Designer/Astronomer
:rose: Deep House Music
:rose: Winter Lover
:rose: Preoccupied With Paris

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Name: Sawyer Vann (pronounced: Fawn)

Age: 249 (24 Earth years)  

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 142 lbs.

Gender: Female

Species: Irken

Physical Description:
- Pale, pastel green skin
- Slanted, slightly almond shaped eyes that are a deep, rustic red wine color with a black, zebra pattern tattoo over left eye
- Stereotypical black female antenna
- Thin, but well built
- Abnormally long fingers with short, black claws
- Her PAK is a dark gray with neon red accents
- White tunic
- White skinny jeans
- Red, fingerless gloves that extend up to her elbow
- Black combat boots

Sawyer was cloned like most Irkens on Irk. Her cloning procedure went smoothly, and no problems occurred. Her PAK was installed easily, and it seemed like the young smeet was going to grow up to be just fine.
Sawyer was kept safe in the Cloning Department in Irk, raised and taken care of robots. As soon as Sawyer was able to think and talk for herself, which was around 5 or 6 (Earth years or EY), she was already extremely independent and smart for a girl her age. She didn't like the fact that she was taken care of by other people, or rather, robots, and she wanted to take care of herself.
At age 7 EY, she broke out of the Cloning Department out of pure boredom and as an act of impulse. Her escape didn't go as smoothly as she would have liked it to go, and completely messed up her left eye in a glass accident. She lost her ability to see colors in that eye and combined with her perfect right eye, she lost the ability to see some colors which include blue, green, and some hues of brown. After she was a safe enough distance away from the Cloning Department, she assessed the damage done on her eye. There was notable scarring, and her eye was slightly glazed over. Not letting her eye or the significant amount of pain she was in get to her head, she wandered the treacherous and vast streets of Irk, trying to find somewhere safe to stay for the time being.
The next 3 years of her life was uneventful, except for the occasional run in with Irken and Vortain street gangs, and being hunted down by Irken Soldiers who had been looking for her ever since she broke out of the Cloning Department. She was never caught, however, and always managed to slip through the fingers of the gangs and other shady people she ran into that wanted to harm her.
During these years, Sawyer had obtained a handmade dagger, that she never used to physically harm anyone (because she was too afraid to really hurt anyone at this point :'D ). She really only used it to threaten and make her look tough which didn't always work (Because c'mon, a 10 year old with a crappy made dagger isn't exactly intimidating).
By age 11 EY, she was somewhat street savvy, and made a living off of stealing, lying, and trickery to get food, shelter, water and things like that in order to stay alive. She was sly and cunning, able to get almost anything she wanted. She was able to use her young appearance to bribe food from richer Irkens, and would jump from gang to gang for protection by promising them something in return; but she never kept this promise. This resulted in her being hunted down by several dangerous gangs, which she always managed to slip through their fingers when they actually MANAGED to catch up with her. Thusly, she had built up a reputation in the streets of Irk. Being a young teenager, she of course wanted to look 'cool', being one of the best known street-rat in the Irken city. She thought she needed a little more 'pizazz'. She thought her scars around her eye wasn't enough, so she gave herself a tattoo. She tattooed black ink over her scars around her eyes, which ended up looking like a very zebra like pattern over her left eye. That soon became an iconic look on her and what most people identified her as.
As this age she also wasn't afraid to use her (new and improved) dagger and PAK legs to inflict physical harm on others. However, she only did this when she felt especially threatened, or if someone else threw the first punch. She had never had any real combat training, so her fighting was spastic and random and included heavy flailing of the limbs that, if she was lucky, land a punch or stab somewhere on her attackers body.  
When Sawyer turned 14, she ran into an Invader that bore the name Icarus Samms. They met on the streets in the ghettos of Irk, and somehow Sawyer liked Samms enough to talk to him a bit, and they, by some means, got on the topic of Military Training. Sawyer found out that Samms had direct ties to Military Trainees, and the young girl was immediately obsessed with the idea of becoming an Irken Elite, or, if the need arose, an Invader.
She pleaded avidly with Samms to try and get her into one of these Military camps, but Samms, knowing the girls reputation, turned her down. Sawyer was furious, and followed him home without the innocent Invader knowing. Sawyer cornered the Irken and again demanded to be trained to be a Soldier. Samms, amused and slightly amazed by the young girls ambition, saw some potential in her and finally gave in and said he would try to the get Sawyer in a combat school. He also invited her to stay with him, and Sawyer greedily obliged, taking advantage of everything. Not knowing the pleasures of having an abundance of food, she ate all she could get her hands on. She slept on the floor, not wanting to seem 'soft' and use a bed or couch. She made a mess of Samms apartment in a matter of two days, and the Invader was already close to unceremoniously dumping her into the streets again.
It proved difficult to find an Irken who had the patience and a strict enough disposition to discipline the rowdy and hot tempered girl. Sawyer went through 7 trainers in 3 months, and finally Samms snapped and took Sawyer under his wing himself, desperate to get the girl out of his personal space. He had just the right amount of compassion, commitment, sternness, and forbearance to tolerate Sawyer. Sawyer found Samms amusing and thought of him as a challenge, and decided to accept his generous offer to train her himself.
Icarus Samms, albeit he was at his wit ends on some days, managed to teach Sawyer some manners. Not just manners like no elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed, and remembering to say please and thank you, but manners that consisted of generosity, patience, and kindness. By the age of 17 EY, Sawyer was almost wholly transformed. She still had that fighting instinct, apathetic and hot temper, but she was now a little calmer and much more of a lady. She often complained that this wasn't fighting training, but Samms opted not to teach her combat moves until she could appreciate what he was going to teach her. Sawyer only stuck with the Samms because of her dream of being an Invader.
When Sawyer turned 18, Samms decided she was ready for combat training. He taught her first how to fight hand-to-hand. Sawyer of course wanted to jump straight to guns, battle axes, and other big weapons, but Samms ignored her request. He told her that if he trained her the way she wanted, she would die within two seconds of entering a real fight or war. Sawyer saw some logic in his statement, and went along with the Invader's methods of training. Sawyer caught on quickly to fighting hand-to-hand, or just combat in general. She took to fighting much more quickly than learning manners and things like that. In just a month, she was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Samms then weened her onto fighting with a weapon the resembled a bo staff. This took Sawyer a while to get used to, but she still caught on with enthusiasm and commitment.
While Sawyer was training, she disappeared on the streets, and her name was forgotten in matter of months without sighting of the young street-rat that had built up a name for herself.
After two years of hard training with just Sawyer's fists, staff, swords and daggers, Samms dubbed her ready to learn how to operate and fight with a gun by the age of 20. Sawyer didn't have such excellent aim, due to her bad left eye. Her depth deception was off by a few inches, and she her vision was hella blurry after about 20 feet in front of her. She eventually learned how to work around these set backs, and was a deadly shot. During this time, she also learned how to use grenades, battle axes, and other weapons that she requested Samms to teach her about. She always found herself pulling back to her bo staff, and it was soon her primary weapon in combat. She also used a heavy amount of throwing knives.
The next 3 years of Sawyer's life she slowly worked her way up into Irken standings. She also develops a friendship with Samms, and thinks of him as a fatherly figure. She is one of the few people she listens to willingly, and considered as her only friend.
By the age of 23, she was able to become a Pilot; the next rank up being an Elite Soldier. Currently, she is still training with Icarus Samms and picking up different fighting techniques. She continues to strive to be the best, and is still propelled forward by the thought of being an Invader one day.

Sawyer is almost annoyingly loud and has no 'filter' over her mouth. She'll say what's on her mind and won't hesitate to tell someone what she thinks of them, which, understandably, makes it hard for her to make friends. But she's perfectly fine being alone, and the fact of having friends actually makes her a little uncomfortable. :'D Thusly, her lack of social interaction, makes her a little socially awkward.
She's easily annoyed, but not easily angered. She has tendency to just ignore people sometimes, and isn't very patient. If you've got something to say to Sawyer, better make it quick and jump directly to the point (She don't like that beatin' around the bush, yo). She's not easily persuaded and stubborn, and usually can get her way if the thing she's after is worth her attention.        
Sawyer, despite her bluntness and rudeness, can also be quite naive and impulsive. She does things without thinking them through, thusly getting herself in trouble a lot. Since she can use words in the most cunningly of ways, she can usually talk herself out of it.
She's also a bit narcissistic and arrogant, and her ego can get in the way of many things. She's a heavy bragger, and not afraid to let the world know her feats and accomplishments she's proud of.
Sawyer, once you get to know her, has a sense of humor. It's a dark and twisted sense, but she can still be funny at times. She's eager to prove herself superior to anyone, but knows when she's gone too far. She doesn't always apologize, but when she does, it's usually by giving the poor soul a flower or small sweet treat of some sort. She can pick up on others feelings rather quickly, often using this little gift to her advantage.
Sawyer can actually be quite emotional, and often gets worked up over the smallest of things. She thinks highly of receiving compliments, but breaks downs when she receives a negative comment in anyway. This can include a sarcastic comment, jokes, or just plain criticism. She'll often sulk for a few hours, before finding something to take her mind off of whatever made her sullen.  

- Sawyer is an amazing fighter with her fists and her preferred weapon of choice, the bo staff. She's quick, light on her feet, and has an almost uncanny ability to predict her opponents next move.
- Sawyer is Irken, and not afraid to kill or inflict harm upon others, and will not hesitate to do so. She's not likely to negotiate an alternative to killing her opponent, and she'll get the job done.
- Sawyer often doesn't feel hunger, and can go days without eating, but needs water periodically to keep herself from dehydration

- One of Sawyer's main weaknesses is the fact that she's half blind. She can't see very well, and has a hard time picking out certain colors.
- Sawyer is also very loud, and finds it hard to be quiet for long periods of time. However, this doesn't exactly mean she doesn't haver her quiet moments.
- Sawyer has a soft spot for children, and is somewhat protective over kids whenever she comes in contact with them, even if their caretaker is there with the child.
- Like most Irkens, she's allergic to the chemicals in water. Pure, pristine, clean water is fine. But if the liquid has acid or any type of littering chemical, it burns her skin (Like acid rain).

- Sawyer loves sugar, and can be persuaded with the promise of something sweet.
- She loves music, but only a few selected genres, and that's Deep House or Ambient Electronic. She likes the lulling, calming feeling the music has  
- She hates loud noises and bright lights
- Sawyer is also a decent dancer, and could probably be a good singer if she wanted to :'D

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